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About Us


Take Charge Chicago is a referendum movement organized to open up the doors of City Hall and let the people in. Take Charge Chicago petition-passers come from all parts of the city and aim to gather signatures in every single neighborhood.

On Monday, August 6, 2018, Take Charge Chicago turned in 86,481 petition signatures, well over the 52,519 signature requirement.

A leader of Take Charge Chicago is Pat Quinn, who led successful petition referendums to end the century-old practice of legislators receiving their entire year’s pay in advance (1976) and cut the size of the Illinois General Assembly (1980). In 1982, he put referendums on ballots across Illinois – including Chicago – which led to creation of the Citizens Utility Board, the state’s largest consumer group.

For more information about Take Charge Chicago or to volunteer, visit Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram or call 1-773-999-2016.