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Chicago Sun-Times: Pat Quinn Defends Term Limits Petition

CHICAGO – Take Charge Chicago was recently featured in the Chicago Sun-Times, where Pat Quinn defended the Take Charge Chicago petition for mayoral term limits. Voters in 21 Illinois communities have used binding referendums to impose term limits on… Read More

Tribune: Quinn seeks two-term limit for Chicago mayors — including Rahm Emanuel

CHICAGO – Take Charge Chicago was featured in an article in the Chicago Tribune, where Pat Quinn discussed the positive effects of term limits on the mayor of Chicago with respect to campaign finance reform and other aspects of… Read More

Grassroots Petition Drive for Nov. 6 Binding Referendum to Term Limit Chicago’s Mayor Passes Halfway Mark in Signatures

  Mighty Volunteer Effort Needed to Meet 100,000 Signature Goal by August 6 Filing Deadline for the November 6 Election CHICAGO – Of the 10 largest cities in the United States, only Chicago does not have a term… Read More

Chicago Sun-Times: Pat Quinn seeks referendum that would block mayor from 3rd term

CHICAGO – Take Charge Chicago was featured in the Chicago Sun-Times, where Pat Quinn was quoted discussing ongoing efforts to impose term limits on the mayor of Chicago: “We need 100,000 signatures by the filing deadline August 6 to get the… Read More

From the Chicago Sun-Times: Mayor Emanuel on a Third Term

In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Mayor Emanuel was asked the question: Q. You’re raising money. I know you can’t afford to look like a lame duck. But, is there a possibility you will run for a… Read More

TRIB: Emanuel third-term push comes into focus

  At the same time, Emanuel told the Chicago Tribune he has “every intention of running again”… (Bill Rutthart, “Emanuel third-term push comes into focus as he tackles key issues,” Chicago Sun-Times, October 12, 2016.) Share List

WBEZ: Former Governor Pat Quinn Joining Fight For Elected School Board

  On Wednesday, former Governor Pat Quinn and activists announced they were filing lawsuits in state and federal courts asking judges to grant Chicago an elected school board. To read more, click here. Share List

Sun-Times: Lawsuits seek elected school board in Chicago

Chicago’s practice of appointing a school board violates the rights of all city taxpayers to elect who taxes them, disproportionately affecting minority voters, and has left the district in worse financial shape since 1995, when it was placed… Read More

Reader: Quinn pushes for mayoral term limits, says it’s nothing personal, Rahm

Coincidentally, I sat down for breakfast with former governor Pat Quinn to talk about mayoral term limits last week on the very day that a certain mayor named Rahm laid off 1,000 employees, including 500 teachers, from Chicago… Read More

Crusader: Quinn moves forward with ‘Take Charge Chicago’

Former Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is pushing forward to establish a referendum that would limit the mayor of Chicago to two terms in office.   He stopped by the Chicago Crusader office for a one-hour interview, Tuesday, August… Read More