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Grassroots Petition Drive for Nov. 6 Binding Referendum to Term Limit Chicago’s Mayor Passes Halfway Mark in Signatures


Mighty Volunteer Effort Needed to Meet 100,000 Signature Goal by August 6 Filing Deadline for the November 6 Election

CHICAGO – Of the 10 largest cities in the United States, only Chicago does not have a term limit on its mayor.

Mayoral term limits are the best way to achieve true campaign finance reform and open up City Hall for more democracy.

The term limit referendum will spark a citywide debate on the structure and fairness of politics and government in Chicago.

The November 6 voter referendum to impose term limits on the mayor would be the first initiative and binding referendum in Chicago’s 181-year history.

If mayoral term limits are approved by the voters on November 6, the incumbent mayor would be ineligible to run in the February 26, 2019 mayoral election.

The Take Charge Chicago referendum on mayoral term limits reads as follows:

“Shall Chicago adopt the following term limit for the office of Mayor effective for the mayoral election in 2019 and thereafter: No person may hold the office of Mayor for more than two consecutive elected 4-year terms (with all prior consecutive terms of the current officeholder counted in determining the term limit for that officeholder)?”

Voters in 21 Illinois communities have used binding referendums to impose term limits on their mayors, including Springfield, Naperville, Oak Lawn, Des Plaines, and Lombard.