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Instructions for Gathering Petition Signatures


Let the people of Chicago decide whether to impose term limits on Chicago’s Mayor and let voters elect a Consumer Advocate.

We need to gather signatures from electors in Chicago to put these referendums on the ballot. Gathering signatures is at the heart of democracy, plus it’s easy and fun!

      1. You are eligible to gather signatures if you are a U.S. citizen and at least 18 years old. That’s it! You’re called a “circulator” because you circulate among people seeking signatures. So download a few petition sheets, grab 3-4 black ink pens and go get some autographs!
      2. Any Chicago elector may sign the petition.
      3. Standard abbreviations are OK. Signers can sign only for themselves, not spouses or anyone else.
      4. The signer must sign the petition in the presence of the circulator (remember: that’s YOU!). You can’t leave the petition on a table and come back for it later. You say you can multitask? Great! You can use 3 or 4 clipboards at once to get more than one signature at a time, but you must witness every signing.
      5. You may sign your own petition. See? You already have one signature!
      6. Fill in your name and address at the bottom of the petition (where it says “Print Name of Circulator”), but don’t sign it just yet.
      7. Finally, you need to sign the “Circulator’s Oath” in the presence of an Illinois notary public. Many banks will notarize the petitions for free. Call or email the Take Charge Chicago Headquarters if you need help finding a notary.
      8. Partially-completed petition sheets with only a few names are fine; every little bit helps.
        Send the original petition sheets to:
Take Charge Chicago
P.O. Box 8048
Chicago, IL 60680

Congratulations and thanks for helping Chicago voters Take Charge! Now read some tips on gathering petition signatures!