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Pat Quinn Brings Take Charge Chicago Petition Drive to Fiestas Puertoriqueñas

For Immediate Release
Saturday, June 18, 2016

CHICAGO – Pat Quinn brought the Take Charge Chicago petition drive to Fiestas Puertoriqueñas Saturday, where he invited attendees to join the referendum campaign to put a term limit on Chicago’s Mayor and elect a Consumer Advocate.

“David Hernandez – the Poet Laureate of our streets – once said, ‘Hey Chi-Town, you are the people. Chicago, you are the people!’” Quinn said. “His words were a brassy reminder of who we are and why the Take Charge Chicago reforms are needed.”

Last week, Quinn, launched a citywide petition drive – Take Charge Chicago – to place two binding referendums on the Chicago ballot: a term limit on the Office of Mayor and direct election by voters of a Consumer Advocate (similar to the New York City Public Advocate).

As Illinois Governor from 2009 to 2015, Quinn marched in several Puerto Rican Day Parades, including the 2014 event, when Gov. Quinn declared it “Illinois Borinqueneers’ Day”. He met with San Juan’s Mayor, and hosted exhibits honoring baseball trailblazers Roberto Clemente and Hiram Bithorn, actress/model Jaslene Gonzalez and Ileana Sanchez (inventor of Braille art books). In 2013, Quinn paid official tribute to poet (and Humboldt Parker) David Hernandez.

The United States Constitution imposes a two-term limit on the President. In the 10 largest cities in the U.S., only Chicago does not have a term limit on its mayor. Cities with mayoral term limits include New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, San Antonio, Dallas and San Jose. Voters in 20 Illinois communities have used their petition and binding referendum power – as guaranteed by the 1970 state constitution – to impose term limits on their mayors or village presidents.

“The Consumer Advocate would be a strong, independent voice who will stand up to the insiders on behalf of consumers and taxpayers who are not getting a fair shake,” Quinn said. “The Consumer Advocate will be a champion for tenants, CTA riders and children.”

Anyone interested in circulating or signing the referendums to term limit the Mayor and elect a Consumer Advocate should contact Take Charge Chicago, PO Box 8048, Chicago, IL 60680, or call 773-999-2016. Visit TakeChargeChicago.org to download a petition, find Take Charge Chicago on Facebook and follow @TakeChargeChi on Twitter.


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