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Pat Quinn Unveils “Revolutionary” Video to Infuse the “Spirit of 1776” in the Take Charge Chicago Petition Drive

Founding Fathers Were Term Limit Advocates in Their Drive to Establish Democracy and Throw Out Monarchy

CHICAGO – Pat Quinn observed the 240th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence by urging the people of Chicago to sign and circulate the Take Charge Chicago petition to term limit the mayor and establish an elected Consumer Advocate for Chicago’s beleaguered taxpayers and consumers.

In signing the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, the Founding Fathers risked everything to establish democracy and throw out monarchy.

The Take Charge Chicago referendums are in keeping with the “Spirit of 1776” where Chicago voters by binding referendum will tell the Mayor what the rules are, not the other way around.

The Take Charge Chicago referendums would be the first binding referendums in memory once 100,000 signatures are collected.

Using an ironing board as a portable petition-signing station at the George Washington statue on the Chicago River, Quinn and Take Charge Chicago unveiled a new campaign video called “Revolution.”

The 60-second animated film features George Washington arguing for term limits as he crosses the Delaware and John Adams being perplexed that Chicago doesn’t have a mayoral term limit.

Produced by a Columbia College videographer, “Revolution” shows that Chicago is the only city among the nation’s ten largest without mayoral term limits and that 20 Illinois communities now have it for their chief executives. To watch the video, click here.

Most of our nation’s Founders were term limits advocates in the American drive to win independence from King George III who reigned on the English throne for 59 years.

Washington said two terms as President was enough, adding, “The people must remain ever vigilant against tyrants masquerading as public servants.” Ben Franklin pushed for term limits in Pennsylvania’s constitution. James Madison said, “…liberty consists in the frequent election and rotation of members of Congress.” Thomas Jefferson said term limits are needed “…to prevent every danger which might arise to American freedom by continuing too long in office.

The Take Charge Chicago question on mayoral term limits would read as follows: “Shall Chicago adopt the following term limit for the office of Mayor effective for the mayoral election in 2019 and thereafter: No person may hold the office of Mayor for more than two consecutive elected 4-year terms (with all prior consecutive terms of the current officeholder counted in determining the term limit for that officeholder)?

The Take Charge Chicago question on an elected Consumer Advocate would read as follows: “Shall Chicago establish an elected Consumer Advocate for taxpayers and consumers to replace the appointed Commissioner of the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection?” The Commissioner is now appointed by the Mayor.

Anyone interested in circulating or signing the referendums to term limit the Mayor and elect a Consumer Advocate should contact Take Charge Chicago, PO Box 8048, Chicago, IL 60680, or call 773-999-2016. Visit TakeChargeChicago.org to download a petition, find Take Charge Chicago on Facebook and follow @TakeChargeChi on Twitter.

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