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They’re at it again

Dear Friend,

Underhanded political games. They’re at it again!

I testified during the Chicago City Council meeting today because, in election after election, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his City Council allies have used a political maneuver to crowd out advisory referendums the Mayor doesn’t like.

They’re trying it again this time.

But it’s not going to work.

Time after time, the Illinois Supreme Court has ruled that voter initiative is a fundamental right of the people. And efforts by people in power to unfairly restrict that right? That’s unconstitutional.

Let’s prove it to the incumbent Mayor and his fellow insiders: the people have the real power in a democracy.

Click here to download the term limit petition. Go to your neighbors, your friends, your family members. Take the petition to your block club, Movies in the Parks, and your local festivals.

Before you turn it in, get your petition sheet notarized. We can help you with that – just email us at pat@takechargechicago.org or call us at (773) 999-2016.

And then mail the sheet to us at Take Charge Chicago, PO Box 8048, Chicago, IL, 60680.

Of the 10 largest cities in America, only Chicago does not have a term limit on its mayor. The Mayor wants to keep it that way.

The Mayor and his aldermen cannot exempt themselves by ordinance or statute from the constitutional right of Chicago voters to impose term limits by initiative petition and binding referendum. Whether the Mayor likes it or not.

If mayoral term limits are approved by Chicago voters on November 6, the incumbent mayor would be ineligible to run in the February 26, 2019, mayoral election.

Thank you for your support.


Pat Quinn

P.S. If you know of good events for us to circulate petitions in the next few weeks, please let us know! Call us at (773) 999-2016. And don’t forget to download the term limit petition here! Thanks again.