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Tips for Gathering Petition Signatures


We’re changing Chicago government one signature at a time. Thanks for helping Chicago voters Take Charge!

Here are a few ideas (send us your suggestions, too!):

  • Start with family, neighbors, friends, co-workers.
  • Belong to any groups? Bring the petitions to the next meeting. See if the group will promote the Take Charge Chicago referendum through email or their newsletter.
  • Stand in public spaces outside of the grocery, laundry, post office, L station, bus stop.
  • Where do you hang out? Bring the petition to the bowling alley, coffeehouse, VFW hall, dog-park, senior center, dance club, beauty salon, softball or soccer field, campus quad, bingo hall.

Term Limits on the Mayor: The Basics

  • Chicago is the only city among the nation’s 10 biggest cities without mayoral term limits. The U.S. Constitution has term limits on the President.
  • Term limits is the only way to get true campaign finance reform, so we can open the doors of City Hall and let everyday people in, not just the Big Money Guys.
  • Chicago’s Mayor appoints City Council Committee Chairs, runs City Council meetings and fills aldermanic vacancies. A term limit on the Mayor will help achieve checks and balances.
  • Term limits brings more people into the process: more women, more minorities, more young people. We need leaders with fresh ideas who are not beholden to bosses or big money.

An Elected Consumer Advocate: The Basics

  • The Consumer Advocate would be elected by the voters to run the city consumer department, instead of being appointed by the Mayor. He or she would earn the same salary as the City Clerk — far less than the current Commissioner of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection.
  • The Consumer Advocate will be a watchdog for beleaguered Chicago taxpayers and consumers.
  • The Consumer Advocate will protect everyday people against unfairness and inequality in the marketplace and promote a healthful environment.
  • The Consumer Advocate will monitor city compliance with the Freedom of Information Act to bring more openness to City Hall.

Tell people these would be Chicago’s first binding referendums in memory! If we get enough signatures, this goes on the ballot. Then, if a majority vote “yes”, it automatically becomes the Law of Chicago in time for the 2019 Mayoral race.