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Has this idea been tried before?

  • Some 700 years ago, Sweden used an “ombudsman” to represent citizen grievances with the king. The word “ombudsman” means “the peoples person”.
  • Today, many U.S. local governments have an ombudsman to receive grievances by the general public.
  • New York City’s Public Advocate has been a voice for everyday people since 1993. As Public Advocate, now-Mayor Bill de Blasio fought for universal pre-K, tenants’ rights and fairness for students. He created a list of “New York’s 100 Worst Landlords”. His successor – Letitia James – has continued by fighting for working people, foster children, and fairness in the workplace.
  • In 1982, Chicago voters overwhelmingly approved an advisory referendum which led to creation of the Illinois Citizens Utility Board (CUB), now the state’s largest consumer group.