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What are some benefits of term limits?

Supporters have made various arguments for term limits. Here are a few we’ve heard:

  • Incumbents’ reelection rates at all levels of government typically exceed 95 percent. Term limits breaks up the cozy relationships between incumbents and big money donors.
  • Term limits boosts competitive elections and gives voters more choices.
  • Term limits attracts people with fresh ideas who will push for innovative solutions. It encourages long-term planning and bold action by public officials who know they’re on the clock.
  • Term limits encourages more women, minorities and young people to run.
  • Term limits emboldens public officials to stand up to party bosses, entrenched bureaucrats and special interest lobbyists.
  • Term limits enables a truer reflection of changing ethnic and minority communities.
  • Term limits brings more candidates, volunteers, donors and voters into the process, fostering broader engagement and citizen democracy.