The Michael Myers Costume

Michael Myers Costume

If you’ve seen the horror movie Halloween, you may be familiar with the Michael Myers costume. This classic horror character costume has everything you need for a fun and scary Halloween night. It includes a mask, fake knife, and coveralls. There is also a fake blood-stained mask to complete the look.

 Everything You Need For a Scary Halloween Night

The classic Michael Myers costume is made of green coveralls. These coveralls were green all along. The green color has been a no-brainer for this popular Halloween movie character. The movie premiered in 1978 and starred Nick Castle as the evil killer. Although he was shot and stabbed multiple times in the movie, Michael Myers hasn’t been completely rendered unstoppable. In fact, he’s still capable of working evil tasks despite being shot and thrown out of a window.

While Michael Myers might be known for his horrific acts, the horror movie legend is arguably even more frightening as a psychopath. In addition to stabbing, shooting, and shoving people through windows, his brutality has been documented. To complete his costume, you’ll need a mask that will show off his crazy hair and growing fatigue. After all, even psychopaths have bad hair days. The mask is tattered, which is perfect for a dark night.

Michael Myers was a troubled kid. He often had nightmares that he could not control. This impacted his life later. His sister, Judith, decided to babysit Michael on a night when his parents were out of the house. This gave Judith some much needed alone time, but Michael didn’t like it and stabbed her to death.

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