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The RPM2 Power Meter – Take Charge Chicago

The RPM2 Power Meter

The rpm2 power meter is a great option for cyclists looking to measure pedal efficiency. It measures power pressure over time and helps to identify muscle imbalances, poor form, and alignment issues. Its battery life is five hours and recharges in just 45 minutes. While not as sleek as other power meters, the RPM2 meter may be the future of power meters. Here are some of its features:

How a running power meter works

First, the RPM2 looks just like a regular insole. It can be used instead of existing insoles, which reduces the amount of space inside the shoe. It is made to fit most shoe sizes, though you may need to cut it to fit your shoe. The standard RPM2 model is $599, while the Triathlete model costs $649. It comes with additional features and is compatible with ANT+.

Another advantage to the RPM2 is its ability to measure force distribution. This is important for athletes, because asymmetry in force distribution can cause performance problems. By measuring the pressure in four quadrants of the foot, the RPM2 can show whether you’re pronating or supinating your foot. This can help you focus on correct pedal pressure to improve your overall performance.

A Powermeter Plus is a great option for cyclists who are looking for an accurate power meter. This meter offers the best recording rate of any dual-leg power meter on the market. It also measures left/right power more precisely than any other power meter. It works with most chainrings and comes with a pre-set system. The Powermeter Plus costs $999 for a complete system.

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