Stair Baskets – A Convenient Way to Store Household Items on Your Stairs

stair basket

Stair basket are a great way to organize items that need to be taken up or down the stairs. These storage bins also save you from having to make multiple trips up and down the stairs, so they’re a convenient addition to any home.

Trying to contain clutter can be a difficult task in a busy household, but stair baskets are a great short-term solution for keeping your space organized. You can use them to store children’s shoes and coats, throw blankets, and other items until they can be put away upstairs.

There are a variety of styles of stair baskets, but all of them can help to reduce clutter and keep your stairs neat. Some are designed to nest perfectly on the staircase, while others have a classic dual-handle design that makes them easy to carry.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Stair Basket for Your Home

A woven wicker stair basket is a lightweight option for storing and organizing household items on your stairs. It’s made of a fabric material that won’t scratch your steps, and the sturdy handles are comfortable to hold.

If you’re looking for a traditional style stair basket, this graduated wicker basket from Pottery Barn is a solid choice. It has the familiar stepped silhouette that fits most staircases, and it’s available in a natural or black finish.

This modern woven staircase basket has durable handles and a roomy interior with optional outer pockets for added storage. It’s designed for virtually any staircase, and it’s fully collapsible to save space when not in use. It accommodates stairs up to 8 1/2’’ high and at least 7 1/4’’ deep.

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