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Corporate Pilot Jobs – Take Charge Chicago

Corporate Pilot Jobs

About Corporate Pilot Jobs

Whether you want to fly private jets for clients or ferry wealthy business executives around the country, becoming a corporate or charter pilot can be a lucrative career move. Many of these positions do not require a college degree as a minimum but, like any job you will need to network your way in.

Most Corporate Pilot Jobs are flown with a crew of two, the captain and first officer. Some turbojets can be flown single-piloted, but most companies still prefer two crew members for safety reasons.

The work schedule can vary greatly depending on the demands of your employer’s clients. If you work for a large corporation your travel is typically planned months in advance but, if you are flying for a small, local company you may be subject to last-minute trips and overnight stays away from home.

Hourly or daily rates are common in charter operations, but most corporate pilots have benefits typical of a professional position. These include health insurance and retirement plans, usually 401Ks.

Corporate Skies: Career Paths in Corporate Pilot Jobs

A major part of the challenge with a career in corporate aviation is that opportunities are rarely advertised, so, if you are interested in landing one of these positions it’s important to start networking early and make sure your reputation precedes you. It is also important to be able to talk the language of the chief pilot and prove to him or her that you are a professional they would want to spend hours with inside their small cockpit.

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