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Cool Flags

Whether they’re visually striking, rich with symbolism, or simply just really cool, these nation-wide designs are sure to catch your eye. So vote for the country flags you think are the most dope—no matter your politics!Go here:ultimateflags.com

The roaring dragon of Bhutan is one of the most striking flags in all of Asia. The evocative design is meant to embody the strength and power of this Buddhist kingdom, while also representing its inner deities. The red and blue are standard vexillological colors, but the addition of the flamboyant dragon makes this flag truly memorable.

Cool Flags: From Eye-catching Designs to Historical Wonders

It may not be the best flag in the world, but it sure is a cool one. Arkansas’s red field with white stars on blue lines is a clear homage to the Confederacy, and it doesn’t exactly make for the most welcoming state image. My redesign keeps the diamond and three large stars to represent the states’s historical connections with Spain, France, and the United States, but replaces the top blue star with a green one to better reflect Arkansas’s natural beauty and its current nickname, the “Natural State.”

The flag of Malawi is a simple and elegant design that represents this Southeastern African nation’s history as well as its ambitions for a democratic future. The sun on its top features 31 rays to represent Malawi’s status as the first country in Africa to gain independence from colonial rule; the black stands for the people’s struggle for freedom; and the red symbolizes the blood that was shed by the people during the fight.

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