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Check an Email is Valid

Check an Email is valid is a process that verifies an email address and ensures it’s deliverable, adding value to your marketing campaigns. Email validation ensures that your emails reach the intended inbox rather than getting blocked or marked as spam. It also helps reduce bounce rates and avoids sending to invalid addresses, which could damage your sender reputation and result in expensive fines and penalties.

Most email validation tools perform a series of checks, starting with identifying syntax errors. This is done using regular expressions, which are programming sequences that can match and manipulate strings of text. It’s common for users to enter the wrong syntax during data entry, so this is one of the most important checks an email verification tool can perform.

Is Your Email Address Valid? How to Check and Verify

Next, the email verification tool checks if the email domain and the associated mail server exist. Often, this is done by connecting to the server over SMTP and simulating sending a message. Other techniques used during the email validation process include checking MX records, detecting catch-all addresses and identifying spam traps.

Once the email has been validated, your backend system should generate a unique code or link which can be used to verify the user’s account on your website. This is a useful feature when you want to verify email addresses that are submitted on a form, such as for newsletter signups. You can also set up front-end email validation in your web applications, so that users are prompted to correct syntax errors before submitting their information.

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